AUTOSORB-1 Quantachrome

Instrument: AUTOSORB-1 Quantachrome

Location: laboratory 231

General information:

Measurements of BET surface and porous structure of catalysts and adsorbents in the range of micro and mesopores.

Adsorption measurements:

  • N2 at 77.5K
  • Kr at 77.5K
  • Ar at 77.5K or 87.5K
  • CO2 at 273K

There are many methods for interpreting the porosity results (BJH, DB, DA, HK, SF and NLDFT).

Contact: PhD Eng. Małgorzata Ruggiero-Mikołajczyk tel. 12 6395 161

Access: The apparatus is available for independent measurements after user training or under the supervision of laboratory staff.