LC-MS with DAD detector - access rules

Instrument: HPLC Agilent 1100 with MS detector

Localisation: lab 226 


  • gradient pump
  • degaser
  • autosampler with Peltier thermostat
  • column thermostat
  • DAD detector with semi-micro cell
  • single quad mass spectrometer (VL Agilent)
  • software Chemstation 10.2
  • remote access to equipment

Avaiable columns:

  • C18
  • C8
  • CN
  • C18-amide
  • C18 widepore (for peptides and proteins)
  • Chiracel-OB
  • Chiradex
  • Size exclusion chromatographhy  (Yarra SEC-2000, Phenomenex)


Contact person:

Prof dr hab. Maciej Szaleniec


The equipment is available to all users after training or under supervision of the group employee according to the schedule.