UHPLC with MS/MS detector

Instrument: Agilent 1290 Infinity UHPLC with 6460 Triple Quad MS detector

Localisation: lab 224


  • quaternary pump
  • degaser
  • thermostated autosampler
  • column thermostat with selection valve
  • MS/MS triple quad detector (Agilent 6460)
  • Masshunter software
  • remote access


  • C18
  • C8
  • CN
  • C18-amide

Contact person:

Dr Maciej Guzik

phone: 12 6395 159

The equipment is available under agreement of ICNFCM (Interdyscyplinarnego Centrum Nauk Fizycznych, Chemicznych i Medycznych). Analyses can be conducted under supervision of employees of Joint Laboratory of Biotechnology and Enzyme Catalysis PAS, according to available time in the schedule.