AUTOSORB-1 firmy Quantachrome

AUTOSORB-1 from Quantachrome Determination of specific surface area and pore structure of the catalysts and adsorbents in the range of micro- and mesopores. Adsorption measurements for N2 at 77.5 K, Ar and Kr at 77.5 K or 87.5K and CO2 at 273 K. A range of methods is available for the interpretation of the results (BJH, DB, DA, HK, SF and NLDFT).


CHEMBET 3000 firmy Quantachrome

CHEMBET 3000 from Quantachrome Characterization of the catalysts with the thermoprogrammed reduction method, determination of the active surface of metals on supports by the pulse titration with H2, O2 and N2O.



TPD apparatus (own construction) Determination of surface species and reactions with the thermoprogrammed desorption method using a detection by a mass spectrometer.


VACUUM MICROBALANCE from Sartorius Measurements of the reduction and reoxidation kinetics for catalysts. Measurements of the chemisorption kinetic for reactants of catalytic reactions. Determination of the chemisorption isoterms and the isosteric heats of adsorption.