Atomic force microscopes NT-MDT with optical microscopes Olympus

Instrument: Atomic force microscopes NT-MDT with optical microscopes Olympus

Location: laboratory 03

General information:

  • imaging of proteins,  nanoparticles and surface topography
  • investigation of nano-scale interactions (e.g. protein - protein)
  • study of local mechanical properties

AFM microscopes are equipped with the options of:

  • head and sample scanning (scanning stage)
  • image acquisition through the optical path of an inverted microscope with simultaneous AFM acquisition
  • measurement in air and in a liquid environment work in all basic modes (i.e. contact, intermittent contact, force spectroscopy)

Sample sizes (no less than 2x2 mm, no more than 40x40 mm - depending on the shape - possibility of special assembly) AFM microscopes are combained with inverted Olympus IX71 and IX70 microscopes, both equipped with digital cameras. AFM laboratory has olso an AFM student microscope (nanoeducator).

dr hab. Jakub Barbasz
tel. +48 12 6395 209
mgr inż. Agnieszka Kurek tel:+48 12 6395 212

Access: Conducting of experiments possible only under user supervision according to laboratory schedule.