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Polish grants


"Leader" Programme Research Projects

  • LIDER/27/0090/l-7/15/NCBR/2016  [2017-2019] New Functionalised Polymers for Biomedical Applications – dr M. Guzik

"TechMatStrateg" Programme Research Projects

  • [2019-2021] Vegetable oil biorefining technology for production of advanced composite materials – dr M. Guzik


 "Homing" Programme Research Projects

  • [2017-2019] Development of methodology of Synthesis and Stabilization of Metal Nanoparticles for Conductive Materials – dr A. Pajor-Świerzy


 Iuventus Plus     

  • IP2015055974  [2016-2019] Determination of the Influence of Surface Properties of Silver Nanoparticles on Their Cytotoxic Activity Towards the Human Cells of Immune System and the Cells of Connective Tissues – dr M. Oćwieja


Sonata bis

  • 2014/14/E/NZ1/00053 [2015-2020] 2-Oxoglutarate Dependent Oxygenases in the Biosynthesis of Pharmacologically Active Alkaloids - Structure, Catalytic Mechanisms and Rational Redesign - prof. T. Borowski
  • 2015/18/E/ST4/00234 [2016-2020] Molecular mechanics force field for structure, dynamics and conformation of carbohydrates involving furanoses – dr hab. W. Płaziński, prof. IKiFP PAN


  • 2014/13/D/ST4/01846  [2015-2019] New Protein Bilayer System Based on Antigen-Antibody Interactions – In situ Physicochemical Characteristics – dr M. Wasilewska
  • 2015/17/D/ST4/00514 [2016-2019] Lipase-Mediated Biosynthesis of Novel Lactose Esters. Physicochemical and Anticancer Studies- dr M. Guzik
  • 2015/17/D/ST4/00569 [2016-2019] Formation Mechanisms and Functionality of Nanoparticle Multilayers with Incorporated Biomolecules - dr M. Morga
  • 2015/19/D/ST4/01979 [2016-2019] Bio Oligo/Polysaccharides under the External Forces – dr A. Brzyska
  • 2016/23/D/ST4/02492 [2017-2020] Influence of ZrO2 Crystallographic Structure on Activity of Cu/ZrO2 and Cu/ZrO2-ZnO Catalysts Doped with Ga, Mn, Ni in Low Temperature Steam Reforming of Bio-Ethanol  – dr M. Śliwa
  • 2018/31/D/ST5/01866 [2019-2022] From a single molecule to smart material - understanding the polypeptide complexes formation and properties- dr. inż. P. Batys


  • 2014/15/B/NZ1/03331 [2015-2018] 2-Oxoglutarate Dependent Oxygenases Catalyzing Atypical Oxidative Transformations - Structural and Mechanistic Studies – dr hab. T. Borowski prof. IKiFP PAN
  • 2015/17/B/ST5/02808 [2016-2019] Theranostic Nanocarriers for MRI Imaging – prof. P. Warszyński
  • 2015/17/B/ST5/00023 [2016-2019] A New Generation of Hierarchical Y and Omega Zeolite Catalysts: Advanced IR and NMR Studies and Molecular Modeling – prof. E. Brocławik
  • 2015/19/B/ST5/00847 [2016-2019] Nanoparticle Monolayers of Controlled Heterogeneity and Structure as Efficient Antifoulong Substrates – prof. Z. Adamczyk
  • 2016/21/B/ST3/00861 [2017-2020] Magnetic Nanoparticles on Periodic Iron Oxide Templates: Control of Magnetism Using Particle Substrate Interaction and External Electric Field – dr hab. N. Spiridis, prof. IKiFP PAN
  • 2016/21/B/ST8/02107 [2017-2020 Development of Modern Generation Technology of Stable Biological Surface Film for Various Bio-Medical Applications (Antibacterial or Regeneration Properties) – dr M. Krzan
  • 2016/21/B/ST4/03798 [2017-2020] ] The Mechanism of Regioselective Oxidative Dehydrogenation of 3-Ketosteroids Catalyzed by Δ1-Cholest-4-en-3-one Dehydrogenase from Sterolibacterium denitrificans  –prof. M. Szaleniec
  • 2016/23/B/ST4/02854 [2017-2020] Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Mechanism of Oxidative Dehydrogenation (ODH) of Light Alkanes over Vanadium-containing Hierarchical Zeolite Materials – dr hab. D. Rutkowska-Żbik, prof. IKiFP PAN
  • 2016/23/B/ST8/03128 [2017-2020] The Influence of Counterions on the Formation and Functionality of Polyelectrolyte Membranes - dr hab. M. Kolasińska-Sojka
  • 2016/23/B/ST5/02788 [2017-2020] Dendrimers as a Platform for Designing Biologically Active Carrier – dr hab. B. Jachimska, prof. IKiFP PAN
  • 2017/25/B/ST8/01247 [2018-2021] In Search of Effective and Environmental Friendly Frothers and Emulsifiers – Quantitative Description of Thin Liquid Film Stability in Solutions of „Green” Surfactants - dr hab. J. Zawała, prof. IKiFP PAN
  • 2017/25/B/ST4/02450 [2018-2021] pH Stimuli Responsive Surfactants and Copolymers for Nanovehicles Formation  – prof. P. Warszyński
  • 2017/27/B/ST4/00108 [2018-2021] Studies of the Interactions of Carbon Nanotubes with Telomeric DNA by Means of the Molecular Dynamics Simulations – prof. T. Pańczyk
  • 2017/27/B/ST5/01834 [2018-2021] Biopolymers as Templates for Preparation of Nanostructured Hydrotalcite-Like Materials and their Calcined Mixed Oxides Derivatives for Catalytic Applications – prof. E. Serwicka-Bahranowska
  • 2018/31/B/ST8/03277 [2019-2022New polysaccharide-based biomaterials as an effective platform for adsorption and release fibroblast growth factors: applications in diagnostics and treatment of diseases of affluence - dr hab. A. Michna
  • 2018/31/B/ST5/03292 [2019-2022] Novel composites of smectite minerals and TiO2 nanoparticles prepared by inverse microemulsion method for photocatalytic applications - prof. E. Serwicka-Bahranowska


  • 2016/23/N/ST5/02783 [2017-2019] Synthesis of Theranostic Biopolymer-Based Nanoparticles – mgr M. Szczęch (prof. P. Warszyński)
  • 2016/23/N/ST4/02532 [2017-2019] Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Based on poly(Amidoamine) PAMAM Dendrimers – mgr K. Tokarczyk (dr hab. B. Jachimska prof. IKiFP PAN)
  • 2017/27/N/ST4/01187 [2018-2020] Effect of Controlled Adsorption Time on Kinetics of Three-Phase Contact Formation at Solid Surfaces with Different Hydrophobicity – mgr A.Wiertel-Pochopień (dr hab. Jan Zawała, prof. IKiFP PAN)
  • 2017/27/N/ST4/02676 [2018-2020] Tungsten-Containing Aldehyde Oxidoreductase from Aromatoleum aromaticum - Study of Catalytic Reaction Mechanism – mgr A.Winiarska (prof. M.Szaleniec)


  • 2018/02/X/ST4/01605 [2018-2019] Hydrotalcite-Like Heterogeneous Catalysts for Baeyer-Villiger Type Oxidation of Steroids to Corresponding Lactones with Hydrogen Peroxide – dr R. Karcz
  • 2018/02/X/ST4/01963 [2018-2019] Searching of Novel bBcterial Ketosteroid Dehydrogenases for Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Steroids – dr A. Wojtkiewicz
  • 2018/02/S/ST5/02470 [2019-2020] Physicochemical characterization of stimuli-responsive smart-materials. Short scientific visit in Lutkenhaus Lab at Texas A&M University – dr inż. P. Batys
  • 2018/02/X/ST3/02465 [2018-2019] Optimization of magnetic measurements of ultrathin epitaxial  ferromagnetic metals layers by magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD). – dr inż. K. Freindl
  • 2018/02/X/ST4/01794 [2018-2019] Investigation of docking of aliphatic hydrocarbons on zeolite active centers by molecular dynamics - scientific internship –dr A. Drzewiecka-Matuszek
  • 2019/03/X/ST4/00149 [2019-2020] Ultrasonic synthesis of zeolites with FAU type structure as catalysts for decarbonylation of furfural into furan- dr inż. Ł. Kuterasiński
  • 2019/03/X/ST4/00749 [2019-2020] Preliminary examination on the impact of rare-earth alloying on corrosion mechanisms of magnesium alloys and its prevention by inorganic inhibitors - dr D. Kharitonov
  • 2019/03/X/ST5/01756 [2019-2020]'Confinement effect' - 5-fluorouracil in mesopores- dr M. Gackowski
  • 2019/03/X/ST4/01639 [2019-2020] Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) in biochemical characterization of α-ketoglutarate dependent enzymes. Internship at McGill University in prof. Mittermaier group- dr A. Miłaczewska
  • 2019/03/X/ST4/01638 [2019-2020] The influence of transition metals doping into oxide systems on photocatalytic removal of volatile organic compounds - dr inż. U. Filek

Beethoven Life

  • 2018/31/F/NZ1/01856 [2019-2022] Structure and function of fumarate-adding glycyl radical enzymes: biochemistry, modeling and application (FAEREACTION) - prof. M. Szaleniec