International grants

HORIZON 2020                                                                            

       820444 — ENERGY-X — H2020-FETFLAG-2018-2020/H2020-FETFLAG-2018-01 [2019-2020] ENERGY-X Transformative Chemistry for a Sustainable Energy Future  - dr hab. D. Rutkowska-Żbik, prof. IKiFP PAN / prof. Małgorzata Witko



• CA15124 NewBIAS [2016-2020] A new network of European Bioimage Analyst to Advance Life Science Imaging – dr M. Krzan


NORWEGIAN RESEARCH COUNCIL                                                          

           NRC 274749 SyMBoL [2018-2021] Sustainable Management of heritage Buildings in a Long-term Perspective – prof. R. Kozłowski


BILATERAL COOPERATION PAS                                                                                                     

           [2017-2019] Biocompatible Particle-Stabilized Foams and Emulsions as Carriers for Healing Agents [projekt współpracy PAN-CNR] – dr M. Krzan


NAWA (Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange)


           PPN/PPO/2018/1/00004  CRAQELURE [2018-2022] – dr hab. Ł. Bratasz, prof. IKiFP PAN


International scholarship exchange of PhD candidates and academic staff  

           PPI/PRO/2018/1/00006 - PROM [2018-2019] PROM - International scholarship exchange of PhD candidates and academic staff  – prof. T. Borowski


Exchange programme for students and scientists as part of bilateral cooperation                                                                 

       PPN/BIL/2018/1/00093 Niemcy [2019-2020] – Smart liquid/gas interfaces with photo-switchable surfactants (Smart air-water interfaces with photo-switchable surfactants and their role on the stabilization of responsive foam) – dr M. Krzan

       PPN/BIL/2018/1/00069 Czechy [2019-2020] – Methane selective oxidation to methanol of over metallozeolites catalysts – dr hab. D. Rutkowska-Żbik prof. IKiFP PAN

       PPN/BIL/2018/1/00103 Niemcy [2019-2020] - Understanding molecular aspects of the protein misfolding process: in situ spectroscopic and microscopic studies - dr hab. B. Jachimska prof. IKiFP PAN