General Information

Doctoral studies

All graduates in the field of chemistry, biochemistry, physics, chemical engineering and materials may undertake doctoral studies at the Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry.

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PhD Studies were launched at the Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences in 2000.

The International Post-Graduate Course at Institute has at present 39 students.  During 10 years of activity, 78 students received the PhD degree in chemistry.

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Subjects of research

The scope of our study consists of many topics, both experimental and theoretical, including:

  • heterogeneous, homogeneous and enzymatic catalysis,
  • physical chemistry of solids and nanomaterials syntheses,
  • quantum chemistry of catalytic systems and catalytic reactions,
  • surfactants and dispersed systems,
  • colloid chemistry,
  • chemistry and technology of polymers,
  • organic and inorganic chemistry and technology.


Head of International Postgraduate School

dr. hab. Anna Micek-Ilnicka

Tel: +48-12-6395157

Fax: +48-12-4251923