Spectrometer Thermo Scientific Nicolett iS10 FTIR-ATR

Instrument: Spectrometr Nicolet iS10 Thermo Scientific

Location: laboratory 132

General information:

Spectrometr Nicolet iS10 Thermo Scientific is designed for scientific laboratories, analytical services or forensic duties. The Nicolet iS10 spectrometer includes features that validate the instrumental performance. It has been developed especially for the material characterization process, from loading sample information to final report.

The spectral range: – 7800–350 cm-1 optimized, mid-infrared KBr beamsplitter – 11000–375 cm-1 XT KBr extended range mid-infrared optics. 

Spectral resolution: better than 0.4 cm-1


  • Specac 25 Reflection Variable Angle ATR accessory with Liquid Holder flow cell
    • The 25 Reflection Variable Angle ATR accessory is a vertically mounted ATR crystal accessory with Liquid Holder flow cell. The cell is equipped with Ge crystal (25 reflections, trapezoid dimensions 52x20x2mm), which together with Teflon gaskets on its both sides forms two closed compartments where adsorption of sample on the germanium surfaces took place. The IR beam is directed through and collected from the crystal by four adjustable mirrors.
  • The VariGATRTM FTIR/Grazing Angle accessory
    • The VariGATRTM is a single reflection horizontal ATR accessory designed for analyzing coatings (or films), including monolayers on silicon wafers and polished flat metal substrates. It employs a Ge ATR crystal and an angle of incidence which can be varied from 60o to 65o for optimizing sensitivity. The useful spectral range is from 5000 to 650 cm-1.
      The VariGATRTM is optimized for analysis of a thin films on silicon or metal substrates, however it can also be used as a single reflection ATR accessory for analysis of liquids, soft solids, powders and flat solids.
  • The ConcentratIR2TM – the standard Harrick multiple-reflection ATR accessory
    • The ConcentratIR2TM is  multiple-reflection ATR accessory designed for analysis of liquids, pastes, and slurries. The sample is placed on the top of the Diamond ATR wafer with 10 internal reflection and a nominal angle of incidence of 45o.  The approximate wavelength ranges are 4000 cm-1 to 550 cm-1. The analysis area is 4 mm diameter and approximately 10 microliters of sample are required.
      This makes the ConcentratIR2TM especially useful in application, where high sensitivity is required and sample amounts are limited.

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