Imaging Spectroscopy Ellipsometer nanofilm_EP4

Instrument: Imaging Spectroscopy Ellipsometer nanofilm_EP4

Location: laboratory 132

General information:

The imaging ellipsometer EP4 operates on the principle of classical null ellipsometry and real-time ellipsometric contrast imaging. The laser beam is elliptically polarized after it passes through a linear polarizer and a quarter-wave plate. The elliptically polarized light is then reflected off the sample onto an analyser and imaged onto a CCD camera through a long working distance objective. This enables surface characterization with lateral resolution as small as 1 micron, resolving sample areas 1000 times smaller than most non-imaging ellipsometers, even if they use micro spot spectroscopic option.

Using the nanofilm_EP4 one can measure parameters like thickness, refractive index and absorption of analysing sample. 

The structure of a sample can be visualized on a microscopic scale and 3D profile maps of selected areas can be recorded. Instrument can operate together  with QCM-D.

Key features:

  • direct sample visualization with an ellipsometric contrast image with a lateral resolution as small as 1 micron
  • imaging ellipsometry in the wavelength range from 350 nm to 900 nm
  • SPR, solid/liquid cell, liquid/liquid cell, light guide for liquid/liquid interfaces, temperature control, electrochemistry cells
  • real time ellipsometric contrast images provide a fast view of the surface, any defects or structures
  • parallel measurement of multiple areas within the selected field of view
  • Knife edge illumination avoids background reflection and allows measurements on thin transparent substrates

Contact: Ph.D. Lilianna Szyk-Warszyńska phone: +48 12 6395 129

Access: Aparatura dostępna pod nadzorem personelu laboratorium. Zgodnie z grafikiem.