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PhD Ewa Niedziałkowska

Employee since 2014

Room: 234

Phone: +48 12 6395 158

E-mail: nceniedz(at)cyf-kr.edu.pl

Research topics:

Structure-function relationship of proteins


X-ray crystallography

Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC)

Fluorescence anisotropy


Molecular genetics



Niedzialkowska, E., Wang, F., Porebski, P. J., Minor, W., Higgins, J. M. & Stukenberg, P. T. (2012). Molecular basis for phosphospecific recognition of histone H3 tails by Survivin paralogues at inner centromeres. Molecular Biology of the Cell 23, 1457-1466.

Szpak, K., Wybieralska, E., Niedzialkowska, E., Rak, M., Bechyne, I., Michalik, M., Madeja, Z. & Czyz, J. (2011).

DU-145 prostate carcinoma cells that selectively transmigrate narrow obstacles express elevated levels of Cx43. Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 16, 625-637.

Wang, F., Dai, J., Daum, J. R., Niedzialkowska, E., Banerjee, B., Stukenberg, P. T., Gorbsky, G. J. & Higgins, J. M. (2010). Histone H3 Thr-3 phosphorylation by Haspin positions Aurora B at centromeres in mitosis. Science 330, 231-235.

Kaczmarek, K., Niedzialkowska, E., Studencka, M., Schulz, Y. & Grzmil, P. (2009). Ccdc33, a predominantly testis-expressed gene, encodes a putative peroxisomal protein. Cytogenetic and Genome Research 126, 243-252

PDB deposits:

3UED, 3UEE, 3UEF,3UEG,3UEH,3UEI, 4IW7, 4OAD, 3V48, 3V4D, 3OT1, 3UEC, 4IQG, 4JXU, 3HHL, 4GQA, 4K2H


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