Employee profile

Agnieszka Brzyska

Employee since 2013

Room: 619A

Phone: +48 81 5375 620

E-mail: ksiazek(at)vsop408.umcs.lublin.pl

Research topics:

Theoretical studies of structural changes in biomolecules induced by the external forces

Theoretical description of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: the solvent effects on the NMR spectra


Quantum chemistry methods

EGO method (Enforced Geometry Optimization)


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  • Brzyska, A.; Płaziński, W.; Woliński, K., "Force-induced structural changes in non-sulfated carrageenan based oligosaccharides-a theoretical study.", Soft Matter , 14 (2018) 6264-6277
  • K. Woliński, A. Brzyska, "Theoretical studies of the pyranose ring under mechanical stress", Carbohydr. Res, 470 (2018) 64-72


  • Brzyska, A., Woliński, K., "Enforced conformational changes in the structural units of glycosaminoglycan (non-sulfated heparin-based oligosaccharides)", RSC Advances, 4 (2014) 36640-36648
  • Cybulska, J., Brzyska, A., Zdunek, A., Woliński, K. , "Simulation of force spectroscopy experiments on galacturonic acid oligomers", PLoS ONE, 9 (2014) A1254