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PhD Sangita Kachhap

Employee since 6

assistant professor

Room: 234

Phone: +48 12 6395 158

E-mail: nckachap(at)cyf-kr.edu.pl

Research topics:

1) Understanding the reaction mechanism of bacterial enzyme

Aim of this project is to explore the substrate to product conversion reaction mechanism of a drug target enzyme from Mycobacterial tuberculosis. In future, this study will be helpful for the development of more effective drug against TB.

2) Reaction mechanism of Non-heme dioxygenase: non-heme 2-oxoglutarate/Fe(II)-dependent

dioxygenase thebaine 6-O-demethylase (T6ODM), involve in morphine biosynthesis,

catalyzes demethylation of substrates thebaine and oripavine.


For my project using following computational techniques

1) Classical all atom MD simulation (AMBER)

2) Docking (Autodock)

3) DFT calculation (Gaussian)

4) QM/MM