Employee profile

Dr. Anna Bratek-Skicki

Employee since 2010

Room: 132

Phone: +48 12 6395 129

E-mail: ncbratek(at)cyf-kr.edu.pl

Research topics:

- Convective diffusion of the interactions between polyelectrolytes and colloid particles on solid surfaces.

- Electrostatic double-layer interactions during particle adsorption and kinetics of irreversible adsorption at solid/liquid interfaces


- Direct, in situ microscopic measurements of particle adsorption combined with real time image analysis

- Streaming potential of surfaces covered with polyelectrolytes and colloidal particles.


- 2009 - PhD at the Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Science, Cracow, Poland.

- 2002 - MSc in chemistry at Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland. The title of the master's thesis: "The Synthesis of Glycydoamide and Its Gradual Polyaddition to the Aliphatic Amines".


2009-2010 - IRCSET fellowship at Centre for Bio-Nano Interactions, Dublin, Ireland.


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