Employee profile

PhD Erwin Lalik

Employee since 1984

Assistant Professor

Room: 04

Phone: +48 12 6395 189

E-mail: nclalik(at)cyf-kr.edu.pl

Research topics:

Calorimetric study of gas sorption on palladium and supported gold catalysts.
Dynamics of thermokinetic oscillations in the sorption of hydrogen in metallic palladium.
Kinetics and thermokinetics of hydrogen intercalation and bronze formation in the transition metal oxides (MoO3, WO3) host lattices.


Gas flow-through microcalorimeter combined with mass spectometer.
Combined microcalorimetric and petentiostatic methods for simoultaneous measurement of both the heat and the charge transfer through the catalyst.


- Ph. D. (2003) University of London/The ISIS Neutron Facility, "Reduction Kinetics and Thermal Behaviour of MoO3 Studied in situ with Neutron Powder Diffraction".
- 1990-1992 research assistant Chemistry Department University of Cambridge, UK
- 1996-2000 CASE student The ISIS Neutron Facility of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK

Research grants:
2013 July-2016 December, National Science Fundation (Poland) "Dynamics of oscillations in the palladium/hydrogen system" 405.700 PLN
2006 July-2009 June, Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Poland) “Research into the conditions for effectiveness of hydrogen activation of Au-based catalysts” 264,900 PLN

Equipment grant:
2003, Foundation for Polish Science, 3200 PLN



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