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Profil pracownika

Dr Agata Mleczkowska

Pracownik IKiFP PAN od: 2013

Pokój: 101

Telefon: +48 12 6395 119

E-mail: agata.mleczkowska(at)ikifp.edu.pl


  • F. Frasca, A. M. Siani, G.R. Casale, M. Pedone, Ł. Bratasz, M. Strojecki, A. Mleczkowska, "Assessment of indoor climate of Mogiła Abbey in Kraków (Poland) and the application of the analogues method to predict microclimate indoor conditions", Environ Sci Pollut Res, 24 (2017) 13895–13907
  • A. Mleczkowska, M. Strojecki, Ł. Bratasz, R. Kozłowski, "The effect of ventilation on soiling by particles of outdoor and indoor origin in historical churches", Building Simulation, 10:3 (2017) 383-393


  • A. Mleczkowska, M. Strojecki, Ł. Bratasz, R. Kozłowski, "Particle penetration and deposition inside historical churches", Building and Environment, 95 (2016) 291-298