Employee profile

PhD Eng Dominik Kosior

Employee since 2009

Room: 126

Phone: +48 12 6395 132

E-mail: nckosior(at)cyf-kr.edu.pl

Research topics:

- Foam films and foams.
- Bubble motion in surfactant solutions.
- Bubble collision with various interfaces.


- Set-up for recording bubble collisions with various interfaces using high speed camera (SpeedCam).
- Set-up with stroboscopic illumination, for determination of the local and terminal velocities of the bubble.
- Surface tension measurements.


- PhD (2013) Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow, Poland. Thesis title: "Nanostructures and stability of thin liquid layers" (in english)
- MSc Eng (2005) Cracow University of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Thesis title: "A comparison of polymerization in conditions of conventional heating and under microwave irradiation"


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