Nanoparticulate delivery systems
for therapies against neurodegenerative
diseases - NanoNeucar



Prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and stroke-related brain damage are major and unresolved problems of contemporary medicine. Despite the progress in understanding of molecular mechanisms of neuronal injury and preventing them, only few neuroprotective substances are used in the clinic and their efficiency in the treatment of stroke and neurodegenerations is not satisfactory. One of the major limitations to current neurodegenerative disease treatment is an inefficient delivery of neuroprotective drugs to the affected part of the brain.


The main project objective is to develop the new strategy of delivery of neuroprotectants by the nanocarriers, which are able to cross the blood-brain barrier without imposing side effect on its normal function. We will concentrate on developing various methodologies of nanocarriers synthesis, their functionalization for targeted delivery and on encapsulation of neuroprotectants, adjusted to their physicochemical properties. We will elaborate the mechanisms of internalization of nanocarriers of different structure and architecture of external layer. The effects of some promising neuroprotectants and gene-delivery used in nanoparticulate formulations on viability of neuronal cells exposed to toxic agents will be examined.

Scientific management
of the project:

prof. P. WarszyƄski

Administrative and
financial management
of the project:

M. Wieciech-Figura